Our vision is to support families in the fourth trimester & beyond!

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Support and nurture families in their transition to parenthood.

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Empower you to follow your intuition so you can parent in confidence

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Share ideas and information that will enrich your family dynamic.


My name is Alex Weehuizen.I am a mother, teacher and doula.

After working as a qualified nanny for a number of years I decided to train as an early childhood teacher and graduated from Victoria University with a Bachelor of Education (ECE). I really enjoyed developing supportive relationships with parents and their children. Working in early childhood education has allowed me to experience a wide range of complex scenarios and to work with many different family dynamics. I found my forte is working to support infants & their families.

Once my husband and I decided to start a family, I soon realised that being a mother was challenging! Being a teacher gave me a great insight into childhood development but it didn’t prepare me for the realities and pressures of parenting.

I faced many hurdles in the first year of motherhood. Often we were navigating these hurdles alone and felt as though we didn’t have adequate support. I started to notice that many of my peers were also feeling like they were lacking in support and didn’t know how or whom to contact for information in the formative months of their baby’s life. This planted a seed in my heart. I spent a number of years contemplating how I could support families.

After a lot of research, conversations and quiet contemplation, Nurtured was born.

Doula Care

More than ever, parents are expected to navigate parenthood with very little support. There is much emphasis on pregnancy and birth, but often there is little preparation for life with a newborn. For families to thrive in their transition into parenthood, they need care and support. A postpartum Doula can assist with this.

A postpartum Doula is trained to provide emotional, physical and informational support to women in their early postpartum stage. Each mother and family will have specific needs. It may mean I help you alleviate any undue stress by working with you to strategise self-care routines, to help you become confident in baby care, to provide you with practical help around the home or to support you emotionally.

As your postpartum doula, I do not offer medical advice, provide medical care, or speak for you or your family on any medical matters. Instead, I will provide information, resources, and support. If I can’t help you, I will endeavour to connect you with someone who can.

Doula care includes:

  • Light housework
  • Cook & prepare meals
  • Refer to additional support agencies as required
  • Practical support that encourages confidence & intuition.
  • Hold space for conversations about perinatalexperiences
  • Advocate for the family
  • Demonstrate basic baby care
  • Promote self-care
  • Help with care of older siblings
  • Provide evidence-based information on newborn & postpartum topics

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Parent Support

There are times as a parent, when an outside perspective can really add value to our interactions with our children. The parenting support that I offer will help you connect with your child through focusing on the strengths of you and your child.

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Are you experiencing challenging situations at home that you are not entirely sure how to approach?

Together in this 1-hour consultation, we will map out the what, who, where, and why.

We will then plan how you can move forward positively with your child.

A personalised plan will be created & emailed as a guide to refer to.

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Inspiring Play

Are you looking for how you can inspire your child’s learning in your own home?

Together in this 1-hour consultation, we will map out your child’s strengths and interests.

We will create a plan of how you can inspire your child’s ongoing learning experiences that engage, inspire and create a passion for learning!

A personalised plan will be created and emailed as a guide to refer to.

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United Front

This session will allow you and your partner to develop a shared understanding of how you both would like to move forward on your parenting journey.

This will strengthen your bond as a parenting unit by creating a shared understanding of your family values & expectations.

A personalised plan will be created and emailed as a guide to refer to.


If you would like to be in contact, please follow this link to complete an inquiry form and I will be in contact with you soon.

Alternatively, you can find me on

Phone Number

021 382 324

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